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Club Absolute features a wide range of vacation properties all over the World for your holiday enjoyment and lifestyle. Our growing community of over 25,000 vacation owners from around the World makes Club Absolute a reputable consideration for your vacation property needs.

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So called Club Absolute class action lawsuits or complaints are entirely false in claim and it should be noted that all of these complaints are lodged by individuals who did not properly research the product before buying it. It's much like saying you defaulted on your home mortgage saying the bank was at fault when in fact you didn't read the small print or could afford the mortgage in the first place.

Club Absolute is a very reputable vacation property specialist, developer and professional holiday lifestyle company with over 25,000 happy property owners and friends throughout the World. Club Absolute complaints are few are far between compared to the overwhelming number of happy vacation property owners.

With videos like the one below complaints about Club Absolute can be no further from the truth and any rumors about Club Absolute class action suits are completely unfounded.

Check out this video of Palm Grove in Pattaya Thailand

Timeshares like Club Absolute are always considered scams and people complain mostly due to lack of understanding the vacation property lifestyle. Here are some great articles about Absolute Scams and Absolute Vacation Club Complaints

To complain about Club Absolute being a scam is unfounded and they provide active travel lifestyles for the travelers that use their vacation properties around the World. Here's an interesting article from one of Club Absolutes loyal customers about club absolute being a scam. There are hundreds of other testimonials around the Internet just like it.

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"Club Absolute provided the best vacation exchange I've ever had after using timeshares for 25 years I've finally found a home.

- Jonathon Holt, US -